Step 12
Select the Magic Wand Tool. Set the Tolerance to around 30, with Anti-Alias and Contiguous checked On. Now, click anywhere on the dark background. This is why we used a dark material behind the paper, to help the Magic Wand Tool make a nice, clean selection. Now we need to invert the selection by selecting Select > Inverse. Now copy the selection.

Step 13
Click on the Illustration Base file and make sure that the Blend layer is selected. Paste the image we previously copied on top of the scooter. Using the Move, Rotate, and Scale tools, adjust the layer so that the image approximately covers the scooter below. It doesn’t have to be exact, just close. In fact, a slight misalignment in the layers will help with the rough look we’re going for. Select ‘Luminosity’ for the layer’s blending mode, and an opacity of 37 per cent.

Step 14
We now want to add a hue shift over the entire image. This will help bring all the elements together and also add a slightly aged appearance. Click on the foreground swatch and select a very bright green. Select OK to close. Now select the background swatch and select a very bright orange. Select OK to close again.