Step 9
This illustration has an overall aged and worn feel to it, so it’s time to do some work on degrading the scooter. Select the Scooter and Blend layers in the layer palette, then Layer > Duplicate Layers. In the pop-up window, leave the name as the default, and then select New from the Document drop-down menu, followed by OK. Crop the image so the image fills the document. Now print the file out as large as possible on an A4 page.

Step 10
This step allows us to be very creative and add some interesting details. Screw the print out up into a ball and then unfold it to create some nice creases. Be creative at this point and do anything you want to add some interest to the image. Sometimes I’ll take a pen and draw little icons and images on and around it. I may also add things like bits of sticky tape and ink splats. Just experiment and see what works.

Step 11
Before we scan the image back in to Photoshop, tear around the image staying quite close to the outline of the scooter. This will create a rough, torn edge all the way round the image. Now, place the paper on the scanner and put some dark material behind it. Black paper is ideal. We want to create a nice contrast between the positive space of the paper, and the empty space around it on the bed of the scanner. Now scan the image back into Photoshop.