Photoshop tutorial: Create an awesome neon laser horse

Artist James White has put together a step-by-step guide to producing the ultimate 80s-style artwork.

James White – aka Signalnoise – is the king of overamped 80s-referencing artworks, and in this Photoshop video tutorial above, he reveals how to create a Laser Horse – a neon-highlighted, low-poly beast with a Miami Vice-eqsue backdrop.

In the video, James discusses his concept for the artwork and how it fitted within the wider context of his Overdrive series; his approach to sketching; how he created the background and made a horse that appears to be 3D – plus how he gave it that all-important slightly-off retro look.

The free video was produced for and Adobe as a promotion around the 25th anniversary of Photoshop. It's part of a microsite based around the anniversary that includes some other Photoshop video tutorials, interviews with creatives like Bert Monroy, and excepts from the now LinkedIn-owned Lynda's paid-for courses.

If you like James' Photoshop tutorial above, check out two he created for us below.

Give your art that cosmic look

Master Photoshop layer effects

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