Photoshop tutorial: Create manga art to view with retro 3D specs

Step 11 Double-click the ‘Red’ layer to access the Layer Styles window and untick the Red (R) channel: you’ll now see the Preview window turns red. Now open the ‘Blue’ layer’s Layer Styles and untick the Green (G) and Blue (B) channels – this time the Preview appears cyan.

Step 12 Group the ‘Red’ and ‘Blue’ layers into a folder called ‘3D City’. Here comes the fun part; pop on your 3D glasses, select the Move tool, target the ‘Red’ layer and hit the right arrow key on your keyboard five times. The image will now appear three-dimensional and also ‘sink’ back. Now remove your glasses.


Step 13 Make the ‘Glass’; ‘Gun flash’ and ‘Xgirl large’ layers visible again, Shift-click their layer thumbnails and stack them above the ‘3D City’ folder. Keep ‘Shape 1’s’ visibility off, then disable the visibility of the ‘3D City’ folder, as well as the ‘Levels’, ‘Colour Balance’ and ‘City’ layers. Finally, make the ‘Non 3D’ layer (within the ‘Graphics’ folder) invisible. 

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