Photoshop tutorial: Create manga art to view with retro 3D specs

Step 8 Continue to add your remaining type and graphics. The Frigate font has a cool feature in that allows English-to-Japanese translation using the Katakana versions. Now snap any graphics that bleed to the edge of your document. 

Step 9 Select the graphics, except the elements that will eventually be 3D (the ‘XGIRL’ and ‘3D’ layers) and copy them. Target your ‘Glass’ layer in your layered file and Paste As Smart Object. Rename the layer ‘Non 3D’ and place it into a grouped folder called ‘Graphics’. Paste the remaining two graphics (‘Xgirl’ and ‘3D’) into the folder and rename it ‘3D’. Finally, place ‘Xgirl_2.png’ into the folder and name it ‘Xgirl small’.

Step 10 Make the Graphics folder invisible, along with the ‘Shape 1’, ‘Glass’, ‘Gun flash’ and ‘Xgirl large’ layers. Add an empty layer above the ‘Graphics’ folder, then go to Image > Apply Image – you’ll now have a composite of all visible layers. Name the layer ‘Blue’, duplicate this layer and name the duplicate ‘Red’.

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