Photoshop tutorial: Create manga art to view with retro 3D specs

Step 5 Enable Guides (View > Guides) and enable Snap and click Snap To > Document Bounds, also from the View menu. Grab the Rectangle tool (within the Custom Shape tool sub-menu) and choose Shape Layers from the Options bar. Set its colour to white, then fill your canvas. Next, select the Subtract from Path Area option and snap another shape to the guides to create a window. 

Step 6 Save your layered file, then choose Layer > Flatten Image. Hit Shift + Cmd/Ctrl + S to Save As and name the file Template.tif. Launch Illustrator and create a new A4 document. Select File > Place and navigate to your template. Tick Template in the next window, then double-click its layer thumbnail and untick Dim. Next, go to File > Document Setup and enter 230mm x 317mm. 

Step 7 Add your main title using the Frigate font in ‘Layer 1’. Hit Shift + Cmd/Ctrl + O to Create Outlines, then Cmd/Ctrl + 8 to create a Compound Path. Create a yellow-to-orange gradient and Shift-drag (with the Gradient tool) to fill the path. Hit Cmd/Ctrl + C > Cmd/Ctrl + B to Paste in Back, fill with a rich black (C- 75; M - 68; Y - 67; K - 90) and then nudge down to the left

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