Photoshop tutorial: Create manga art to view with retro 3D specs

Step 2 Add a Levels adjustment layer setting the white input to 230 and the black input to 32. Lower the adjustment layer’s opacity to 50%. Open Xgirl_1.png, add it as a new layer and name it ‘Xgirl large’ Go to Layer > Matting > Defringe: 1px to remove the edge halo, then hit Cmd/Ctrl + T to resize and position it.

Step 3 Add Fire.psd as a new layer and label it ‘Gun flash’. Hit Cmd/Ctrl + T and squash it horizontally. Select Filter > Blur > Motion Blur, and set the Angle to 90º and the Distance to 123px. Ctrl-click (or right-click) to access Transform’s Perspective function and pull the bottom right-hand point. Now resize, rotate and position it over the gun barrel. Change the blend mode to Screen and paint a white glow using a soft white brush.

Step 4 Add Shattered.psd as a new layer, label it ‘Glass‘ and place it over the figure. Set the layer’s blending mode to Screen and drop the opacity to 83%. You can now use the Lasso tool (L) to roughly select individual fragments, or fragment groups and reposition the using the Move tool – or delete them as required.

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