Step 12
Now paste this at the top of the layer stack and select the multiply option to allow the skin to show through. Make this as detailed as possible as we are getting near the end of this tutorial and these are the things that can make a real difference.

Step 13
Now duplicate the top grayscale layer you created and again use the hue and saturation set from step 8. Change the whole face to a contrasting or subtle shade of the back just to add the final touch. Then either reduce the opacity down or delete sections you don’t wish to be visible.

Step 14
Finally, use the smudge brush around the hairline to break up any straight lines within the hair structure. This will give it a more natural feel when viewed at 100 per cent. Then it’s as simple as flattening the whole piece and sitting back and enjoying the hard work you have put in. With hand-rendered pieces like this it is not just pure computer knowledge and composition, so well done!

Who: Neil Duerden creates pieces of art that combine elements from mixed media, photography, and complex vectors for clients from around the world. His clients include Saatchi and Saatchi, The Sunday Times, Virgin, Fairy, Stella Artois, and Nike. He says he is a self-confessed Mac monkey, and is based in a rural miners cottage 20 miles north of Manchester.
Software: Adobe Photoshop
Time to complete: Three hours