Step 14 Now for some subtle and elegant typography to contrast the grunge of the rest of the piece. Type God Save The Queen, placing one word per line – a phrase that’s tied to both the British monarchy and the punk scene. I used a classic Serif Bold typeface. Use a golden colour (#bfb373) as it’ll stand out from the black-and-white background, even when we lower its opacity in the next step.

Step 15 For a stylish transparency with some neat highlights, set the typography layer’s blending mode to Overlay, then duplicate it. Change this new layer‘s blending mode to Normal, and use a very low opacity of 25%.

Step 16 In the final step, create a white layer at the top of the layer stack and add a Layer mask. With a big, soft, black brush, erase the centre.

Detach the link with the group and enlarge the mask, vertically.

Once you’re done, set the opacity to 50%. Doing this will add greater focus to the composition, as well as give a dreamy feel to the overall piece.

Maxime Quoilin

Who: Maxime Quoilin is a 23-year-old Belgian graphic designer and visual artist. He has developed a growing interest in visual elements over the past couple of years and, as a result, is starting to gain global exposure with his work.

As a passionate person, he believes there’s a very strong link between digital art, graphic design and photography. Hence, he constantly strives to improve in these fields.
Software: Adobe Photoshop
Time to complete: 2-3 hours

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