Step 5 Add pictures of people to the group; use your own photos to create something personal, and scatter them around. As everything is under the ‘Hue/Saturation’ layer, they will automatically be desaturated.

The first step to blending everything together is to use a Layer mask on each of these layers and to erase the edges with a big soft brush – or with a Spray Paint brush from

Now your group should look very similar to what we’re showing in the above image.

Step 6 To have consistent tones inside the queen, we need the elements to have more or less the same contrast. To do so, play around with the Levels tool (Cmd/Ctrl + L) on your photos and make the brighter images darker. Deal with any bright areas that are left by painting darkness with a big, soft, black brush.

Step 7 Insert HighRiseNight0028_2_L.jpg inside the group, in the bottom left of your artwork. Erase the edges by adding a Layer mask and, again, using a big, soft, black brush. Using the Levels tool, boost the highlights, especially the lights coming out of the building’s windows.