Photoshop tutorial: Create fab 1980s type effects

Step 5
Now it’s time to create the text: I’ve used Goudy Sans, in italics, at 50pt. Other good fonts to use here include Amelia BT, Cooper, or Tango BT. Alternatively, you could go to and select one you like – these fonts are free for personal work. Position the text as shown here, then go Layer > Layer Style > Gradient Overlay, setting a gradient that runs from pink to cyan.

Step 6
Duplicate the text layer then change the Fill Option to 0. Then edit the Layer Style and change the Gradient Overlay, using the following settings: angle – 90º; colours – black and white. In the Stops section, go to the pulldown Color menus and select the black, and set the Location to 51%.

Select the white and set the Location to 50%. Add an opacity marker at 50% and change the other opacity markers
to 0 (see the screengrab).

This will make a gradient that is visible at the centre and then fades away. From the middle up it will be white, and from the middle down it will be darker, creating a very cool reflection.

Step 7
Select the two text layers and select Layer > Smart Objects > Convert to Smart Objects. Then go to Layer > Layer Styles. In the Stroke menu of the palette, set a one-pixel white stroke. In the Inner Shadow menu, set the opacity to 50% and the angle to 120º. In the Distance menu, set the distance to three pixels and the size to three pixels.

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