Step 12 Now add a layer under the model and repeat the above, experimenting with the brushes provided. Try not to go over the top with effects, less is more. The main point of focus is the model, so make sure your effects don’t drown her out. Don’t worry about getting an exact likeness to my example, just experiment and have fun.

Step 13 If you’re not happy, stop. Take a break, have a think, come back to the piece later and experiment with it until you are. I find listening to relaxing music helps me get in the right frame of mind. Try and make your brushwork fluid, as if it’s really there in the image.

Step 14 Now you’ve added the colour and the shapes, we can create the orbs of light that look like lens flare. Create a new layer above the model and set its Blend Mode to Overlay. Locate one of the orb brushes, set the size quite large, then just flick the brush around the page.