Step 9 Now we’ve set the scene and added the colour overlays, we can start to add the abstract brushes and shapes to the design. Instead of giving you precise instructions as to where to place these effects, the following steps and tips will give you the basis from which to work using your own artistic licence.

Step 10 Locate one of the paint splatter brushes provided in the project files. Create a new layer above the model and add a couple of splatters around her back. I’ve used white for this but you can use any colour you like.

Step 11 Using the brushes provided, place more splatters and shapes around the model in an aesthetically pleasing way. Alter their colour, duplicate or rotate them, or warp the applied brush to make the shapes fit the contours of the model’s body. Make sure you create a new layer for each brush as this will give you total control. It also allows you to remove any brush layer later on.