Step 6 Re-draw the strands of hair that couldn’t be cut out with the Pen tool. Going with the flow of her hair, flick your mouse or pen across the severed tips to re-draw hairs (the more the better). Once this is done, turn the other layers back on.

Step 7 Next we’re going to add colour to the design using the Overlay Blend Mode – select this either in the Layers palette drop-down menu or by going to Layer > Layer Style > Blending Options. Create a new layer, fill it with yellow (#ffff0), reduce the opacity to 16% and set the Blend Mode to Overlay. Mmm, yellowy.

Step 8 Create a new layer and use the Brush tool to softly scatter pink (#ffe02b1) around the image. Reduce the opacity to 37% and set Blend Mode to Overlay. Repeat the above process over the model’s body with a blood red, adjusting the opacity accordingly. Set to Overlay. Group these layers and keep them at the top of your document.