Step 3 Now we are going to cut out our model and paste her onto a new layer but also keep her background beneath. Select the photo, zoom in (Cmd/Ctrl + +) to 300% then hit (P) to select the Pen tool. Carefully create a path around the woman, ignoring any wayward strands of hair – be ruthless, as we will add them back in later.

Step 4 Once you’ve created a path around the woman, Right-click in the middle of her, then choose Make Selection. Hit OK. This separates the two images. Hold Cmd/Ctrl + X to cut, and Cmd/Ctrl + V to paste into a new layer. Reduce the opacity of the photo background to 64%.

Step 5 Now we can add any hairs back to the model’s head. Turn off all layers except for our cut-out model. Select the Smudge tool, use brush sizes 1 or 2, set the strength to 95% and select Sample All Layers in the Options bar.