Photoshop tutorial: Create dynamic art using glows and lighting effects

Kervin Brisseaux gives a sports illustration a futuristic sci-fi look


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Mateusz Piguła said: And here's mine.

sage mueller said: i have no idea how to do step 9

sage mueller said: sadly because of his recent drug abuse, he got stripped of his title and is now banned from the UFC :( so sad to see him throw his life away like that

Tejas Jani said: beginner friendly http://www.smartsurftechno.inwhere I provide PSD, Actions, Lens flare, Brushes etc .

Tejas Jani said: I have been working with photshop since last six years , I also created a website for that http://www.smartsurftechno.inwhere I provide PSD, Actions, Lens flare, Brushes etc . It would be my pleasure if I get a chance to write on your website and contribute myself as your site's author.

Kani Poly said: Quite hard.

ramza center said: need hard patient

Gaz said: nah

Nia said: worst tutorial lol Clearly got lazy and didn't want to do a step by step process.

Matt said: I love how the lighting of this piece is so horribly wrong haha

Chacha Wen said: this is so difficult for beginner...

desiger said: photo Editing Tutorialthe best 22 Professional photoshop tutorial

desiger said: Photo Editing Tutorialthe best 22 Professional photoshop tutorial

desiger said: photo Editing Tutorialthe best 22 Professional photoshop tutorial

desiger said: Photo Editing Tutorialthe best 22 Professional photoshop tutorial

desiger said: photo Editing Tutorialthe best 22 Professional photoshop tutorial

slicknog said: Here's my result. Man, that was a fun one to make. Athlete is Jon Jones the UFC champ.

Estafador said: if you can swap from tutorial to photoshop program fast, and have decent memory, at most this should take an hour. 3 is just overkill and slackidasical.

Estafador said: if you have imagination, you don't need to download anything for this file. Simply find an image of an athlete jumping, if you want to be simple, Michael Jordan (or any celebrity, honestly) and follow the instructions on the tutorial, easy peasy.

eman said: this needs to have more detailed steps, coming from an experienced photoshop user

Mizanur Rahman said: Nice pic, but how to download this full tutorial file?http://onlineclippingspecialis...

bummer said: sorry to say this, but for us beginners and somewhat moderate Photoshop users this tutorial is the worst I've seen so far. most of this stuff i don't even know how to begin with. wish it was more detailed, disappointing.

Happy Man said: lol right on!

Happy Man said: I'm a first time user. HELP! is asking to purchase a WinRAR sofware...Is this right?

Leia Shot First said: Thanks for this - it was hard but fun!

ruben kofman said: render option same as time render bus debug engine there you go

wang shaobin said: Hello!where is the high jumper photo only?I just want to cut her out by myself. Thanks!

gading randy said: hey bro, i'm indonesian, are you indonesian?

Mr.Large said: Awesome, you made my day!!! Your first step is the one I needed... And, like "always", it was reallly simple to solve the problem. I didn´t knew that you can move the layer, when you double click the thumbnail.So I tryed a lot with Smart Objects, Trasformations and so, but I wanted the same Layer like you used in your file...So thank you again :)

brisseaux said: Hey Konradovic, thanks for your question. I'm glad you are liking this tutorial!To answer your question, you can a move the gradient in one of two ways.1. Double click on the layer thumbnail of your Gradient fill layer to bring up a dialogue box. Now if you mouse over your canvas you will see your curser become a Move tool arrow. Just click and drag.2. If you rasterize your Gradient Fill layer, LAYER>RASTERIZE>FILL CONTENT, you can then move the gradient freely like any other object. This of course has it's limitations. If you rasterize, you can no longer edit the gradient.Have fun!-brisseaux

Neil Bennett said: You can download the file from the link at the bottom of the intro, or here

Konradovic said: Hey folks,first of all, I really like this tutorial. But I´ve got a problem and have no idea how to rid of it...Well, it´s about step 6:"To do this, first create a Gradient fill layer above the background, using a Radial gradient as shown. Next, add a Levels adjustment layer with a clipping mask to the athlete layer, to accentuate the shadows on her."The thing is, I have no idea how to move the Gradient fill layer! It´s always in the middle of the canvas. But when you download the resources you will see, that this Gradient fill isn´t centered at all!So, can anyone help me, please???


Martyr said: I dislike your website.

Su Hall said: The way the image showed up in my e-mail made it even more powerful! LOL It was HUGE! But, seeing it so up-close really enticed me. I'm going to give this a try. Whether it is deemed 'good' by others, or not, I don't much care. Someone took their time and effort to go through the trouble to explain the steps. You never know. Though I am fairly well-learned myself in PS, I can always learn something! It never fails! Even if it is what NOT to do - I learn some thing!Thank you for your 'trouble', Kervin!Su

hitesh sharma said: Then...maybe this tutorial wasn't meant for you..but there are people who need it more than anything..thanx

Stephenmc Grogan said: sorry, did not mean to offend, Stephen

finty said: Can you do better? Produce your own work before you make comments like that...

Stephenmc Grogan said: dont think it that great! concidering all the digital artists available :)

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