Step 7
Open Lined Paper.jpg from the cover disc and place it above ‘Paint Splatters’, Cmd/Ctrl + T and rotate the texture. Position it in the top left corner of the image. To invert it, select Image > Adjustments > Invert (or hit Cmd/Ctrl + I), and set the layer properties to Screen.

Next, import the three Warning Sign images from the cover disc above the ‘Lined Paper’ layer, use Cmd/Ctrl + E to merge them all down onto one layer, rename this layer ‘Symbols’, then set it to Multiply. You may notice a second ‘Lined Paper’ layer in the screenshot above; we decided it looked too fussy, so we deleted it and have omitted it from this tutorial.

Step 8
Open the Drumstikk.jpg, remove the white (see Step 01), then copy and paste him underneath the Symbols layer. Hit Cmd/Ctrl + U and alter the Hue and Saturation to turn him pale pink, then set the Layer to Screen and Layer Opacity to 41 per cent. Position him somewhere that’s not too conspicuous; we chose the bottom left corner.

Step 9
Using Dave C’s pencil, tidy up the face shading and add shine to lips and eyes. Cmd/Ctrl + click the skin layer thumbnail and add some very light flesh-colour gradients on the skin layer (Spot Gradient, set to 25 per cent opacity) where light would naturally hit. Do the same on the clothing and hair layers.

Step 10
Cmd/Ctrl + click the ‘Hair’ layer and add some very light blue/white highlights on the ‘Blends’ layer. On the ‘Above’ layer, select a very light blue and use the spot gradient to add small highlights to the hair, belt buckle and white parts of the jacket and gloves.