Step 5 Now we are going to add more detail using the same technique I used to create the white shirt. To give the coat an ‘inner outline’, use the Pen tool and a darker colour. For the cheeks, create a circle in a contrasting colour and then another circle inside that in an even richer hue.

Step 6 Now we are going to start fleshing out our little pirate. For the hair, just draw a swirly shape. Add more detail to the eyes by creating more circles that act as white reflections. For the teeth, simply create rectangles. Incidentally, I freehand a lot so I also make sure to remove surplus anchor points using the Pen tool.

Step 7 To add more detail to the hair, you can create more locks and strands with the Pencil tool. Be creative and once again, remember to remove surplus anchor points. For the nose, let’s use simple triangles.