Step 2 In Illustrator, select File > Place, bring the sketch into what will be a background layer and lock it. Create a new layer where you will create basic shapes that trace out the image, for example just a circle for the head, a rectangle for the shorts. Remember to play with the composition and change things if you need to.

Step 3 Start adding the simplest details to the character – two circles will do for eyes, while for the mouth, create a circle and split it. Now select the Pen tool and click on both ends to close it up.

Step 4 Hide the background layer where the sketch is. Now let’s focus on the torso. Grab the Pen tool and create a shape for the shirt. Just trace the outer corners of the jacket to create the inner white shape. Adjust with the Direct Selection tool; you need to have precise and clean lines. Work with the neck of the coat as you need to.