Photoshop tutorial: Create a burlesque photo montage using pro-level masking skills

Step 13
Depending on the size of your monitor, zoom out (Cmd/Ctrl + 0) to see the whole image and to figure out what it’s lacking. Add simple shapes to the top and bottom of the image (drawn with a U set to Ellipse) to give the piece a carousel-type look. 

Add extra vector elements for each edge and quickly mask out the excess by selecting from the round layers.

Step 14
Sometimes it’s nice to give an illustration an overall texture. You could find an image and overlay it on the top of your Background layer, but we’ll do it a different way. Open a new document the same size as the main canvas, but in Grayscale mode. Set a gradient (G) so that the colour builds up nicely at the top and bottom. Go to Edit > Mode > Bitmap and select Halftone screen (Diamond 25 / 42). 

The outcome will be an uneven dotty texture, which seems just ideal for the piece. Cmd/Ctrl + A > Cmd/Ctrl + C > Cmd/Ctrl + V to copy-and-paste it into the main piece, setting the blending mode to Overlay. 

Step 15
Your piece is pretty much done. Feel free to copy some more vector elements and use them more around the cycling model, to give the eye more to devour. One last tweak would be to add Levels (again as an adjustment layer) on the very top of our layers stack to get the colour just right. 

In the past few years, Radim Malinic has established himself as a sought-after commercial illustrator. His recent projects have included digital illustrations and photo-based images for clients including Blossom Hill, the London Film Museum, PlayStation, and Penguin Books. His illustrations have also appeared on album covers and in a range of magazines.


Adobe Photoshop

4 hours

Files for this tutorial can be downloaded here (registration required).

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