Photoshop tutorial: Create a burlesque photo montage using pro-level masking skills

Step 9
Now group the original leaves to make them quicker to work with, flattening each individual group (Shift +E). Distribute them around the model and between the feathers. To make colour tweaks, hit Cmd/Ctrl + U to bring up the Hue/Saturation palette, then adjust the colour as you like. 

Step 10
Now let’s add some vectors. Many creatives store a bank of vector elements they’ve previously created – or you might prefer to draw new vectors for each image, as I do. I’ve worked up some simple shapes that will add extra depth to the image, and give it a more intriguing look – the images are on the cover CD and in the Zip file opposite, saved as

Step 11
Although the vectors have nice gradient colours in Illustrator, here we’ll use them as basic shapes in single colours in the main Photoshop window. Paste each object onto the canvas as a Shape Layer and fill with red or maroon. Setting some objects’ blending modes to Multiply and Overlay builds up vibrancy in your image.

Step 12
Add a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer above your Background layer. You can move sliders to get the right tone, which is more brown, more in line with our other elements – I’ve set the Hue to -180, the Saturation to -25 and the Lightness to -3.

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