Step 5
Now let’s create the heaviest ray of light. Create a new layer, and then make a rectangular selection from side to side and fill it with a white-to-transparent gradient. Make another selection as shown in the picture and hit delete. Go to Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur and set the radius to 50 per cent. Rotate the layer and move it behind the model.

Step 6
We’ll now make softer rays of light to place over the model. On a new layer, create a selection with the same size as the one described in Step 5, then select a soft round brush and set the size to 2,500px. Brush outside the selection so it will look like the light is fading out from the top to the bottom of the selection. Duplicate the layer, flip vertically and move a bit lower. Merge both layers, resize, and duplicate them as you wish. As well as the snow layer, it should be applied as a very soft detail over her.

Step 7
Next, open Adobe Illustrator and create a custom brush. To do this, use the Elipse tool and create a symmetric oval shape as shown here.