Step 2
To create a snow effect, you have to get your hands dirty. Get an old toothbrush, and dip it directly into the paint (but wait until it starts to dry – if your brush is too wet you can’t control where you throw it) To get depth in your illustration, shake a few, larger drops onto the paper first. Then, using a tool such as a screwdriver, quickly raking across the bristles, releasing the paint in a spray. Alter the speed of release and distance from the paper to created varied splatters. Alternatively, open the file ‘painting.jpg’ supplied on the CD.

Step 3
Scan the painting into Photoshop, and select Image>Adjustments> Desaturate. Go to Image>Invert, then select Image>Adjustments>Levels and increase the contrast, changing the input values to 60, 1, 244. Choose the best parts and import to your illustration.

Step 4
Change the blending mode to screen, and move this layer to the top. Open the file ‘model.psd’ and move the model to your illustration under the snow layer. Copy parts of the painting layer and place these mainly over her hair. It should be applied as a very soft detail that will help to blend her to the rest of the image.