Photoshop tutorial: Create better-than-Instagram retro photos

Give photos a light-leak look of flawed vintage 1960s colour snaps using Adobe Photoshop.


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enamul hoq said: Thanks a lot, in this tutorial i learn a lot of critical things,,,background remove

picmagy said: I love photoshop most of the time when I am with my computer at home but when on travel and have no much time, I like to use online programs for instant instagram photo effects. One of my favorite software is which has variety of effects, overlays, gradients and borders.

Photoshop said: I am stuck at the fourth step. Could someone help me with a video?

ChariRoss said: For any Photoshop users looking to mimic Instagram effects in Photoshop, check out: Performing Instagram effects in PhotoshopCheers and happy Photoshopping!

lisastanton99 said: Thanks Fabio! This tutorial was brilliant. Going through the steps I learned a lot more than just creating the vintage effect. Thanks!!

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