Photoshop tutorial: Create a beautiful bird illustration

Give depth to your artwork with these techniques for accomplished use of shadows and textures.


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enamul hoq said: Nice work..thanks...background remove

bachka said: damn :) nice

Iván said: Hey! I did it, watch it:

yassir said: Great work ...

31k3 said: It was just a question, not even criticism.

Jan said: So no one allowed to use photoshop anymore? Everyone obsess over vector its crazy. Let people do what they want

Linda said: May ik ask you why you use photoshop for this? You can make this in illustrator too as a vector. really want to know why you choose Photoshop :)greetings,Linda

Tomeez said: Super cool. I try to do such things but I'm light years from this.

AintNoNerd said: Amazing work! As a webdesigner I probably won't get near this level of illustrations, but it would be cool to reach it one day.

Cosplay Costumes said: nice~~~~~~~~~~~~

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