Photoshop tutorial: Create an artwork with a 1980s tropical feel

Use abstract shapes and negative space to create a bold and striking artwork.


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enamul hoq said: Thanks for sharing this,,background remove

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Jeff Elliott said: Excellent tut. You really have that style down. I'd like to know how you create that interesting shape in step 8 as well.

guest said: "In Illustrator, there’s a Blend option. Draw two filled shapes in illustrator, with space between them, then go to Object > Blend > Blend Options > Select Steps. what kind of shapes i should draw..plz explain more.. thanks for your help

Diwyanshu said: Awesome Work ..!! Chris Malbon

Mhel said: GREAT!

Xyriel said: wowxyriel

Alsoarty said: Wow this looks great I am going to try this out - attempt it anyway.

gagan.joomdev said: Greate Work.

Stacy Summers said: Lovely effect and easy to follow tutorial! Thanks

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