Step 6
Use the blending options to apply a radial spectrum gradient from the presets to the render. Scale it to 150%, make sure Reverse is ticked and set the blending mode to Multiply. Create a blank layer and merge it with the render (Cmd/Ctrl + E).

Step 7
Set the blending mode to Linear Dodge and duplicate the layer twice. On the top layer apply Filter > Distort Twirl and set the amount to 350.

Step 8
Create a new blank black layer and add noise to it (Filter > Noise > Add Noise). Set the amount to 50, select Gaussian Blur, and set it to Monochromatic. Apply the Radial Blur filter as in Step 04. Bring up the Levels controller (Cmd/Ctrl + L) and set the Input Level values to 50; 1; 88. Use a soft eraser to delete the edges, set the blending mode to Linear Dodge and bring down the opacity to 90%.