Step 9
Now, click Filter > Distort > Displace. Set the horizontal and vertical scale to 80 and select Stretch To Fit and Repeat Edge. Click OK and select the select file named displace_surf2.psd; your result should resemble this image. Create a layer mask next and begin to erase parts of the layer so that the previous work can show through until you begin to see a similar effect to the image below, with most of the board and head being cleaner.

Step 10
Make three copies of the surfer using the original masked surfer layer for your selection, and then go Select > Copy Merged and Paste. Scale the images to three sizes, each larger than the last. Set the blend modes on all three to Multiply and give the smallest an opacity of 20 per cent, next largest 15 per cent, and the last 10 per cent. Now erase parts of them.

Step 11
Open the file named destroyed. psd. In the Fill box, set white as your background colour, and hit Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + Delete to change the colour to white. Drag the file into the canvas, position it in the top left corner and set its opacity to 35 per cent.