Photoshop tutorial: Create abstract poster effects

Step 6
Now, duplicate the element and explore all the forms of composition, applying other kinds of size and angles. Flip the form horizontally and vertically to get the desired look. Click Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation, and try other colours with the abstract shapes. You can use other forms (like the star with Extrude Bevel) and repeat the same process that we used before.

Step 7
Let’s create other elements for our composition. In a new layer, create a black diamond in the centre of the canvas. The diamond will be key to integrating all the other elements of the composition. Import sky.jpg from the cover CD and put beside the black diamond; duplicate it to the other side, too.

Step 8
Import texture01.jpg from the cover CD. Click Image > Adjustments > Gradient Map and choose a black-to-white gradient. To put more contrast in the texture, select Image > Adjustments > Levels. Use the Polygonal Lasso tool, to make forms using the texture. Try to integrate those forms with the abstracts that we colourized before.

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