Photoshop tutorial: Create abstract poster effects

Step 3
Notice that you can get many different and interesting forms with the Extrude Bevel tool. Try to experiment another Bevel types and other values to get the most of this effect. You can control the lights and the perspective too. Use other primary shapes, such as spheres, triangles and stars, as in this picture.

Step 4
Now that you’ve explored the abstract forms of Extrude Bevel, save the file (you can save to .eps if you prefer). In Photoshop, create a new A4 document at 300dpi resolution and import the Illustrator file. Right-click in the layer and choose Rasterize Layer. Now, we will colourize our abstract form. Click Image > Adjustments > Gradient Map, and select a gradient that goes from orange to yellow to orange.

Step 5
Now that you’ve colourized the abstract form, let’s put more contrast in the colours. Click Image > Adjustments > Levels. Try to put more ‘life’ in the oranges, red and yellows. After that, select a soft brush sized around 300 pixels, create a new layer and add shadow underneath the abstract shape: this creates greater depth for the form.

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