Photoshop tutorial: Create an surreal portrait mosaic illustration

If you thought mosaics were another boring Photoshop cliché, think again – and learn how to create incredible new spin on an old style.


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Enamul Hoq said: All tutorials are written in simple language and its very descriptive i want to give you many thanks for your post...--photoshop image editing services here remove white background

Sandra said: What were some of your alternatives? I'm having trouble adding multiple layers and revealing the separate selections.

Greyson said: This tutorial looked different and I was finally happy to try something unique. Unfortunately, there are apparently several missing steps. I found a few alternatives, but the whole point of a tutorial is not to have to "play around" with options before getting the end result look. Agree with Jay, definitely disappointing.

Jay said: The end result of this tutorial is stunning, however several steps have been skipped between 8 & 10 that describe how the distortion effect actually occurs. I would love to apply this tutorial to my work but I do not have the knowledge as to what has been overlooked, thus this tutorial has been an utter disappointment.

Paola said: Thanks for this tutorial, i have a question: i did the step 9 but in my work the mask is not applied in right sides of the cubes, what i do? Excuse my English, i am from Venezuela.

Yogesh Mankani said: Useful tutorial, we have featured it here :

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