Step 15 Take a stock image of something with ripples – I used a desert, but clouds or waves would have worked just as well – and place it on top of everything. Apply a strong Gaussian Blur, set its blending mode to Soft Light, and drop its opacity to between 10% and 20%.

Step 16 Add a few small effects simply by brushing small circles and applying a mixture of Overlay and Soft Light blending modes. Make final adjustments to the overall contrast to finalise your artwork.

Mart Biemans

Who: Mart Biemans is a digital artist, illustrator and graphic designer from the Netherlands. Almost everything this 18-year-old creative has learned he taught himself. What started out as a fun pursuit at the age of 14 has become a very important part of his daily life.
Software: Adobe Photoshop CS5 or later
Time to complete: 8 hours

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