Step 12 Now it’s time to spice up the composition by adding orb-like effects, and we’re going to make it look as if they are bursting out of her chest. You can go completely wild with this. Create a series of circles and apply a variety of gradients (as shown above), from white to the browns you used for the radial gradients, through to black. Apply Blur filters of various strengths to make them appear to be at various distances from the viewer.

Also add a dark blurred circle under the figure as her shadow.

Step 13 Create a new layer filled with black. Go to Filter > Render > Lens Flare, select a Lens Type of 105mm Prime, and place it exactly in the middle. Ensure the brightness doesn’t overwhelm your canvas.

Put a brown layer on top of it and set its blending mode to Color. Your lens flare is now brown and gold. Merge the two layers, select a blending mode of Screen, make the result smaller and place it there where it looks best. You can copy and paste this layer to create more effects.

Step 14 Create a new layer and place a large circle on it using the Ellipse tool.

Erase the middle and top left part of this circle, and set the layer’s blending mode to Soft Light.

Duplicate it a few times, moving the results around and scaling them to add variety. You can also modify the opacity to get a nice-looking effect.