Photoshop tutorial: Create 3D type art using Photoshop CS5

Nik Ainley talks you through the process of creating a poster using Photoshop CS5 Extended’s incredible new extrusion tool


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enamul hoq said: i don't understand clearly..background remove

M R Karim said: Where i get it and how to download that.

Khalid Ramzi said: update your driver video card i have a same prob but now no

Einnor Oagalnup said: Need to enable OpenGL

Einnor Oagalnup said: u need to enable OpenGL

Einnor Oagalnup said: u need to enable OpenGL to use it

Paki said: How did you make that letter?!?!?!??!?!

Chris said: Great effect. Terrible tutorial. Here's a few additional tips as I stumbled through this tutorial.Step 1: Make sure to set your text to a grey color. Also, make sure to set the color using the "Text Color" instead of using the "Foreground" and "Background" Colors. You'll want to do this for consistency.Step 4: Change "Scale" to 0; this makes the "tail" shrink to nothing on the way back. Change "Mesh Quality" to "Best"; this smooths the curves.Step 6: Play around with the X and Y Angle settings to change the "tail". Also, you can use the "Rotate the Mesh" tool to move the letter around for the best desired look. Be careful doing this though because it will change the size of the letter.Step 7: Before you change the diffuse color, click the drop down arrow next to the sphere for the "Material Picker". Select "No Texture" (It's the 7th one in my default drop down). Now, you can change the "Diffuse" color.The rest is advanced Photoshop using personal styling. The instructions are still vague, so you'll have to play around with what you want to do. Good luck!

Asad said: 3d program have in adobe photoshop cs5,cs6 etc....7.0 adobe program have no 3d effect :)

Best said: What an awful tutorial. 0/10.

Pournami Maha said:

Enver Bici said: enver

Ammar Ashfaque said: Please help My Top most toolbar of cs5 is not appearing :( plsssss help

Yas said: I cant seem to get the swirl quite right, what settings did you use?

Matgd said: I have problems to the step 11. I can't find how to put a layer mask. D:

JilxKaaya said: what to do?

Dianita said: tha´ts because you don´t have photoshop extended edition

tihaam said: i have also same problem

Otten Voorhees said: repousse on "tick" option, please read carefully... slowly and make sure u pass all tutorialpardon my english

Lily said: cant think* dnt know wat 2 do??? HELP****

Atiqur Sumon said: This is not available

hellrider said: In fact this part of tutorial is in Illustrator, not Photoshop

JPA said: Hi in step 2, when i click on ''create'' i am being told ''reposse''not yet available.? can anyone help?

Noldi-otr1 said: how can i find this 3d program because my photoshop doesn't have 3d opsion !?

Customdesignart said: how do you highlight the window box so you can click on 3D Respousse Object?

Dham said: It says, "The command "Repousse From Text Layer" is not currently available." ):what to do

B1108593 said: It says, "The command "Repousse From Text Layer" is not currently available." ):

ivan said: When i do step 7 I can't see my colour for the text

Kousar said: Problem solved .. i just had to clear the cache :) Thank You

Neil Bennett said: Seems fine on Chrome on both Mac and Windows here. What version of Mac OS X or Windows are you using? And what version of Chrome?

Kousar said: there are control but when i click it nothing happens :/ im using Google Chrome ..

Neil Bennett said: You should have controls on the image to go from step to step. What browser/OS are you using?

Kousar said: i cant see the steps :(

Neil Bennett said: I'm afraid you do need the Extended version of Photoshop to do this. We'll update the text to reflect this. Sorry for any confusion.

BeN said: i was told that CS5 not provide with 3D Pallete. it is only comes with CS5 Extended. So can i have the 3D pallete on my CS5 without extended version?

Bob said: were do you download it?

BeN said: i have a question.. I'm using CS5 without the 3D pallete.. so is it possible to have one? like download & install plugins into it? if yes then where can i get it from? Thanks in advance to whoever kind enough to help me :)

Odessit said: Really amazing. The flight of fantasy is something that fascinates me the most about this tut. Many thanks to the author for pretty straitforward explanation and a nice introduction to 3D menu which is all new to most users like me.

lulu said: Hola, mira que estoy intentarlo hacer pero me sale que no se puede por que "la capa de texto utiliza un estilo faux bold"... que significa esto? gracias

Debskene said: Hi love the tutorial but what font did you use as some of the fonts look awefull. Deb

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