Step 11 To add depth to the piece, bring some vectors of varying scale in front of the model too. Less is more for this piece, but adding a couple of elements in front of her is an effective way of adding a dimension to the piece.

Step 12 Once you’re satisfied with the arrangement you’ve created, you can add effects using the Layer Styles panel. I’ve chosen to add a glow to the specks and also to some of the brush strokes I’ve imported. Double-click in the space next to the name of the layer you’d like to customise and the Layer Styles panel will appear. Tick the desired effect and adjust the settings accordingly.

Step 13 I’ve also used the Layer Styles panel to add drop shadows to some of the vector objects. In this case I’m using black for the shadow cast on the model’s top but I recommend using different coloured shadows for the objects behind her. It’s a subtle way of adding more colour.