Step 8 Before you start introducing vectors, it’s a good idea to set your cursor to Auto-Select a layer. Click on the Move tool (V) and then in the top panel, tick Auto-Select and choose Layer from the drop-down menu. This makes working with multiple objects easier, as you can select them just by clicking them on the canvas, rather than locating their layer.

Step 9 Open your coloured objects in Illustrator. Copy them from Illustrator and paste them into your Photoshop document. You’ll be asked how you’d like to import the object as; select Vector Smart Object. Import one of each object. You can always duplicate them once they’re in the document. 

Step 10 Name the Vector Smart Object layers as you go, as things can quickly get confusing. Organising and arranging is time-consuming but important, so take your time transforming and positioning the objects. Use alternative colours to draw attention to certain shapes.