Step 5 Open Photoshop and set up your document with a background colour and gradient to compliment the colours you applied to the vectors (I’ve used #F79D86 and #FCC081 in a radial gradient). Lock this layer by pressing the Lock All Icon in the Layers palette and save it.

Step 6 Next, open up your model shot. I’ve used an image from my photographer buddy Christian Hertel ( Click the Create New Path icon at the bottom of the Paths panel (Window > Paths) and, using the Pen tool, carefully cut out the model from the background. Right-click on the path and select Make Selection. Feather the radius by 1px.

Step 7 Copy and paste the model into your saved Photoshop document and adjust the Curves (Image > Adjustments > Curves) as well as the Color Balance (Image > Adjustments > Color Balance). This is so that the image doesn’t look out of place in comparison to the background. Try to match the tones of the background colours you have chosen, then save the file.