Step 2 You can add more sliders to the gradient by clicking anywhere along the track. Use the top and bottom sliders to create a combination that you like. You can adjust the gradient’s colours by selecting them in the panel and then adjusting their values in the Color palette (Window > Color).

Step 3 Fill a simple shape like a circle with the gradient you’re adjusting colours on. This way you can see the results more clearly. Once you’re satisfied with each gradient you create, save it to Swatches by dragging the gradient fill square on the Gradient panel into the Swatches palette.

Step 4 Select one of the objects and apply your gradient by selecting it from the Swatches palette. You can control how the gradient looks on the shape by selecting the Gradient tool from the main panel (G). Click and drag on the artboard with the object selected and tweak until satisfied. Save a version of the Illustrator file when you have finished colouring the objects.