Photoshop tutorial: Composite a 3D building into a photo

Andreas A Tjeldflaat walks us through the process of rendering and image in Photoshop


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enamul hoq said: great work//background remove

loonatix said: how did you include the ambient occlusion channel?did u render the model as a clay model? I cant find ambient occlusion in the channels listed for export.thanks!

Diogo Veloso said: Sorry.. I am stuck right on step 2, I don't understand how I take the alpha channel to mask the building into the photo.. Is there a basic tutorial concerning about this?

blake said: looking for someone that can help create a rendering please email [email protected]

eyaltamuz said: where can i get the photo of the building??i cant make the tutorial without it!

Neil Bennett said: Use the slideshow controls on the images or on the shuttle above the steps.

toni said: where is the tutorial ? i don't find it here, just that pic and some of your writing! sorry, could you tell me where it is, please ??

august said: nice work!

rami said: respect man ,, thanks for the awsome tutorial

Hadji Samir said: where is project images or psd ??

Anna said: Thanks, nice and clear tutorial!

Pouyam3 said: great tut.tnx

ZweckerItai said: Great tut. Great outcome.

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