Step 11
My illustration is pretty much done at this point, but I want to add a few elements to increase its depth. To do this, use Illustrator’s Line tools: export a full-resolution JPEG of the illustration and place it into a new Illustrator document. This JPEG will only serve as a template, so the quality is not important. Only the size and resolution should be kept.

Step 12
While in Illustrator, use the stroke on both the Ellipse tool and the Pen tool to create some graphic elements. Here, I made a large circular frame for the main newborn Gummi and some smaller circular frames for the foetal morph across the bottom. I’ve coloured these lines red in Illustrator so they can be seen more easily here, but I changed them to white before putting them back in the Photoshop file.

Step 13
To incorporate these elements into Photoshop, follow a similar process to the one in Step 4: select all the desired elements at the same time, then copy and paste them onto a new layer in your Photoshop document as a Smart Object. Next, do the same to the large main circle by placing it on its own layer as a ‘Smart Object’ in Photoshop. Moved everything into place and reshuffle the layers accordingly. Add a small drop shadow to the morph element through the same filter process as before.

Step 14
Next, add a Gradient Overlay to the large circle – here I’ve placed it surrounding the newborn Gummi, giving the impression that this was a return and a hole has been cut through the background. To add the final touch to the piece, add a very subtle gradient overlay to the black circle – here I’ve placed it behind the newborn Gummi to add atmosphere.

Who: Jason Freeny is an artist and illustrator who enjoys taking ideas from inside his head, putting them on paper and observing the reactions of those who see them. A graduate of Pratt Institute, Jason works as an interface/Web designer and lives just outside New York City.
Software: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop
Time to complete: Four hours