Step 11
Download the free images,, and Cut out the objects and paste them all into the working document. Scale the fly and place it next to the tree. Scale and rotate the cross and position it under the tree. Blend the base of the cross using a soft Eraser brush. Scale and rotate the bird and place it on top of the swastika, then go Image > Adjustments > Curves and adjust it to bring out the detail.

Step 12
Scale, rotate and position the chain on branch. Using the Clone Stamp tool (S) lengthen the chain. To clone the area press Alt/Opt + click, then move the mouse to where you’d like the chain to continue, and click. Adjust the brush size and edge to get a crisp look. Next, you’re going to create depth of field.

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Step 13
Download the free image from and use the Pen tool to cut out the middle cross shape. Paste it into Mask.psd. Scale, warp and duplicate the wire so that it looks tangled at the bottom. Select Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur and enter a value of 9. Reduce the opacity by about 10–15%. Use another wire segment scale and rotate it, and place it in the bird’s mouth.