Step 5
Download and open the free images from and, and repeat the process from Step 4. Make sure these circles are the same size as the moon. Place the tree branches above and set the blending mode to Overlay. Cut and paste an oval segment from the bottom of the moon and position it at the top.

Step 6
Download the free image from, unlock it by double-clicking on the layer and create a new layer under the image. Cut out the boy using the Pen tool and discard the background. Select the Smudge tool, using a brush size of 1 or 2 pixels, set the strength to 95% and select Sample All Layers. Re-draw any strands of hair that couldn’t be cut out with a flick of the mouse.

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Step 7
Once you’re happy, copy and paste the whole layer into Mask.psd and place it on top of the swastika. Remove sharp edges by selecting the circular swastika layer with the Magic Wand tool, then re-select the boy layer and hit Cmd/Ctrl + X to cut. Next you’re going to add the wires coming from the boy’s forehead. Download and open the free image from