Step 2
Create new layer (Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + N) and select the Brush tool (B). Select one of your new grime brushes. Adjust the size to 2500, press D > X to restore the fill colour and scatter faintly on the page five times. Repeat the process above using #f9b8ad and the dirt brushes supplied. Download the free tree image from

Step 3
Next, remove the sky and mountains. Double-click the layer in the Layers palette to unlock. Zoom in to 300% then select the Pen tool (P). Create a path around the tree and ground, right-click (Ctrl + click), and choose Make A Selection from the drop-down menu. Cut and paste the image into Mask.psd, positioning it at the bottom of the page.

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Step 4
Now create the three main circles. Download and open the free photo from Hit U to activate the Ellipse tool and convert the shape into a path by selecting the Path option at the top left. Place the mouse in the centre of the moon, hold down Alt/Opt + Shift and drag the mouse over the moon to create a perfect circle. Cut it out and paste it into your working document.