Photoshop and Illustrator are both excellent creative tools in their own right -- but by combining them you can create truly groundbreaking artworks -- as these tutorials show. Here we've collected our most popular tutorials from 2010. Created by some of the world's leading illustrators and some wonderful up-and-coming artists, they detail how you can create artworks in a wealth of styles.

Create an iconic T-Shirt artwork
Joshua Smith, aka maverick illustrator Hydro74, has a style that’s instantly recognisable – combining the thick, clean lines of graffiti with the iconography of tattoos and the symmetry and patterns of vector art. Here he takes you through how he created his latest work, based around his regular motifs of skulls and swirls mixed with this spring/summer’s illustration icon, the owl.

Create retro poster art

Gordon Reid – who works under the creative handle Middle Boop – shows how he blended retro imagery and colour schemes with digital technology to create this stunning image.

Explore new-folk illustration styles

Jonny Wan’s distinctive, fresh illustrations manage to seem both mechanical and handmade: their characters are composed of intricate, symmetrical vector shapes so that they seem almost clockwork, yet the  finishes he applies remind us of woodcuts.

Get started with type art

Type art is popular at the moment for all sorts of reasons – and it’s a highly versatile skill to have. You can use illustrated lettering in projects ranging from posters to brochures – making it a great technique to add to your creative toolset. Here, lettering guru Pomme Chan talks you step-by-step through how she created the cover for Digital Arts March 2010.

Make vector portraits from photos

Eelco van den Berg lets you behind the curtain to see how he creates his incredible vector portraits by turning a photo into a ‘poppy’ vector illustration. You will learn quick and easy Photoshop adjustments that prepare artwork for translation into vector shapes.

Remix your art

Fairytale Asylum is a collaboration that has been waiting to happen since artists Stephen Chan and Andriana Katsiki (AKA Wundercloud) met in 2007. They instantly loved each other’s work and soon realised that they share a lot of the same inspirations, even though their styles are quite different. Here they detail how they worked together to create an incredible piece.

Urban type art

London is hip again, and in this tutorial Holland-based designer Bram Vanhaeren shows you how he created a new piece that draws on all that’s great about the city – taking inspiration from the Olympics, underground club scenes and the city vista from up high.

Add vector flair to model shots

There’s something about the rounded, gentle textures of vectors that makes them a playful and very tactile contrast to an elegant model shot. Camilo Bejarano shows you how to ramp up this juxtaposition, hand-drawing elements before scanning them in and transforming them into dramatic, colourful designs that interact neatly with the photograph.