Photoshop tutorial: Animate your drawings with style

Step 15 Finally, I cast a last look over the image as a whole and tweaked the contrast in any layers that needed changing with the added colour. That’s it. Play it back, be amazed by the illusion of movement, and export.

Digital Arts - Animation tutorial from Vida Vega on Vimeo.

Vida Vega

Who: Half Italian and half Chilean, Vida Vega was born and bred in London. She works as a freelance 2D animator making inky, watercoloury ‘traditional’ drawings and short animated films. She was nominated for the British Animation Awards last year for both her graduation film and her first commissioned short, mi’au myau. She is currently working on a new film in collaboration with the Camden Roundhouse in London.
Software: Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop
Time to complete: 3 hours

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