Photoshop tutorial: Animate your drawings with style

Step 9 Next I added two new layers of scanned watercolour ink on paper to add water texture to the lower part of the dog’s body. I sandwiched the watercolour layers between the matte and the lower dog and set the blending mode of these layers to Multiply.

Step 10 For better contrast, I wanted the ripples to appear white on the dark water and the lower dog layer to show up underneath the new watercolour texture, so I inverted both layers (Effect > Channel > Invert). I set the ripple layer’s blending mode to Screen so the black areas of the drawing would appear transparent.

Step 11 At this stage, it’s always good to use the Levels filter to tweak the contrast on all the layers to make sure they are working together as a whole. In particular, the two watercolour textures needed lightening as multiplying the two together makes the whole thing get a bit ‘lost in the dark’.

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