UX & Web Design tutorial: Twelve ways to publish to the iPad

With the decline in print publishing, and the rapid expansion in digital, how do smaller publishers go about getting their content onto the iPad platform? We view twelve solutions.

It is clear that publishing to devices like the iPad is becoming essential to survival. Bloomsbury is on course to make around a quarter of its revenue from ebooks in 2011 and Amazon.com is selling more ebooks than paperbacks in the US.

The secret to successful digital publishing is creating something beyond the mere text of ebooks, however. Forrester analyst James McQuivey predicts that e-ink readers like the Kindle will become less important as manufacturers bring out tablet computers, and that once that shift happens, books and magazines will need to be more interactive.

However, despite impressive first sales of iPad magazines such as Wired, sales of further digital magazines have declined. In addition, publishers balked at the costs and time required to create such titles. Luckily, the landscape is changing, as Adobe and Quark introduce their own tools to create digital titles.

But how do you get started within this new technology? We look at 12 solutions.

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