Step 12
Our character starts looking more interesting when we start working on the strokes. Using the same stroke weight everywhere makes an image look rather flat. In the Strokes palette, experiment with the various stroke weights and adjustments.

Step 13
In Adobe Illustrator, there are many Swatch libraries of preset colours, including ink libraries such as Pantone and various thematic libraries. A very useful thematic Swatch library is the Skintones library. Select Window > Swatch Libraries > Skintones and then pick a colour for the skin as close as possible to the colour you’d like to use.

Thematic Swatch libraries such as skintones may not always include the exact colours that we need to use, but they work great as base colours and then, in the Colour palette, make any colour corrections.

Step 14
Experiment before deciding which base colours to use for your character. The trick here is to make multiple copies of the character and try out various colour combinations. Pick the colour version that you prefer, but it is advised to keep the other versions in a new layer, in case you change your mind.