Step 9
As we continue tracing the character, it’s useful in the meantime to start using colour. We don’t need to worry about using the right colour combination yet, colouring will help us check and possibly improve the shapes where needed. Basic colour combinations can quickly be found in the Swatches palette.

Step 10
This is an easy way to draw a heart: Using the Ellipse tool, draw two circles and press the Vertical Align Center button. Select both circles, press Add To Shape Area on the Pathfinder palette, and then press the Expand button.

Using the Direct Selection tool, drag down the middle point, then click on the point using the Convert Anchor Point Tool. Using the Delete Anchor Point tool, delete the bottom right and left anchor points and then press Shift and drag down the direction lines.

Step 11
After tracing the character, our character needs some slight refinements in order to look more balanced. A good idea is to take a short break and forget about our character for a while. When we return, we’ll see the flaws immediately. When there is no time for a break, a good way to force our brain to take a distance from the image is to simply flip the character. Press Select > All or Ctrl/Cmd + A and then Object > Transform > Reflect > Vertical Axis.