Canon Pixma Pro9500 Mark II

> The PIXMA Pro9500 Mark II is Canon’s flagship professional inkjet printer. As capable with artworks and illustrations as it is with photographs, the PIMXA Pro9500 Mark II enables you to transform what you see on screen into mind-blowing gallery prints.

The printer uses 10 pigment inks for accurate colour reproduction with smooth shading. These are housed in separate ink tanks and include red, green, photo black, matte black and grey inks – so any type of image from vibrant poster illustrations to deep black and white photos will look stunning when output. Pigment inks maintain their colour much longer than dye-based inks – so you can guarantee prints you make and sell will last.

The PIXMA Pro9500 Mark II supports Canon’s collection of Fine Art papers – which offer a range of textures to suit any style of artwork – and has a flat paper path that enables papers from specialist suppliers as thick as 1.2mm to be used.

We’ve found the PIXMA Pro9500 Mark II available online for as low as £508 plus VAT, which is a fantastic price for a printer capable of producing such high-quality, saleable prints.

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